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AUI Dojo Membership Benefits

AUI Affiliated Dojo Membership
AUI provides annual acknowledgment of Aikido dojos, clubs and programs regardless of size, style or affiliation. Affiliates will receive a certificate of membership and will be listed at

Additional benefits include: Individual annual memberships, online listing and registration of AUI Events, AUI Affiliate Dojo online event listings, AUI Curriculum & Handbook, Instructor Training, Intensive Study Programs, online store, periodic newsletters, Specialized Training and online forms and payments.

AUI Rank Recognition
AUI can provide AUI recognition of current and subsequent rank status regardless of style, lineage or affiliation. Documentation, a brief training history, recommendations and technical demonstration will be required.

AUI Tests and Promotions
AUI has designed a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum of requirements of Kyu and Dan rank promotion tests for children and adults. AUI provides recognition/certification for successful Kyu rank advancements through individual memberís Dojo-cho/Dojo. Aikido United International issues Dan testing and certificates directly or under the recommendation of an Affiliate Dojo Cho. Dan testing will be scheduled as required.

The AUI Yudansha Committee, composed of AUI Instructor members, sandan and above, who are appointed by the AUI President and the Honorary Board of Advisors, is responsible for reviewing, verifying and processing all Dan applications and ensures each candidate has properly fulfilled all requirements accordingly.

AUI Teaching Certification
AUI is able to provide those who are actively training, teaching and serving in the Art teaching title certifications. Individuals must hold an AUI Dan Ranking.

AUI Instructor Workshops
AUI offers AUI Instructor visits to Affiliated Dojos to further the understanding and proficiency of AUI curriculum and teaching methods. Additional time can be allotted for Affiliate Dojo Cho and Senior student sessions.

AUI Events
AUI Headquarters - ASA Asahikan Dojo in Collegeville, PA - offers Regular Aikido instruction to children and adults, Training Seminars and Workshops, EMS & Law Enforcement Training Workshops, Instructor Training, CPR/First Aid, Weapons Training and DVD instruction. Events can be scheduled at AUI Affiliate Dojos.

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