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About Aikido
Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba. With roots in eclectic styles such as jujutsu and early sword practices, Aikido blends the energies of both the opponent and the practitioner to provide an apex of power to redirect and diffuse potentially violent situations without necessarily inflicting harm. A variety of techniques exist focusing on movement, timing, centering, and balance. Aikido promotes peace, free of conflict and competition. Resolution is achieved by mutually offering a path of least resistance for all involved. Though the techniques of Aikido can be applied to cause harm, Aikido’s way choose to practice such movements with respect, harmony and control.

Aikido, however, is more than just a physical discipline practiced while on the mat. Aikido is a means to overcome daily obstacles and enhance the spirit promoting a fuller, richer existence. The effects of Aikido are limitless and will affect each uniquely. These effects transcend style and lineage and are only bound by an individual’s openness and willingness to experience, learn and grow. Aikido will begin to define standards and principles one chooses to live by - a way of life. These choices will be felt by everyone and everything we come into contact with - making a difference by being the difference.

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