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Who We Are:
Aikido United International is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 international Aikido organization designed to offer the Art to a world-wide community free of stringent bureaucracies and constraints regardless of practiced style or affiliation which may limit personal growth. AUI is open to anyone regardless of orientation, ability, race, creed or color.

AUI’s Purpose:
Aikido United International’s purpose is two-fold:

1. As an independent Budo/Martial Arts entity, AUI works to further the arts through research, practice and development. Multiple mediums such as books, DVDs, published articles, online website content, seminars, workshops and clinics, are made available to members and affiliates. AUI also provide its members and affiliates with the ability to teach, learn, train and advance in an environment open to diversity and constantly working towards change and progression.

Aikido United International provides a teaching and learning foundation in the Art of Aikido and related studies of Budo for individuals and groups who are looking to begin or further their knowledge.  AUI can also provide standardized training curriculums for youth and adult programs for those who require it and offer peer-reviewed advancement, rank and recognition based on individual assessment of qualifications.  AUI will assist those looking to form and start a program of their own by offering support, mentoring and consultation. AUI offers apprentice training in the Art of Aikido to those who wish to make Budo a career path.

2. As a Community Leader, AUI works to organize, support and contribute as a world community outreach resource center by providing needed assistance to help make a difference – food drives, disaster relief, donations, public safety awareness, wellness and education, etc.

Aikido United International plays a role in organizing, supporting and contributing to community endeavors that work towards betterment and advances in individual, social and economical development.  AUI has worked with the Ken-Crest Centers, the St. Jude Foundation, The Red Cross, The Japan Tsunami Relief Fund, Toys for Tots, the Guardian Angels and Local and Regional Hospice Care and Churches.


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